Manos y Naturaleza non-profit Organization


Phone: 986341508 (Chile)

Address: Representative Laura Rodriguez 6429, Peñalolén. (Chile)

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Since its creation in 1985, Manos y Naturaleza operated in several rented houses, located in the vicinity of the present house. In 1996, thanks to a special donation, we purchased the present house.

Since we have been many years in the neighborhood, we were validated by the community and each year, vacancies are easily filled. Thanks to several projects, we have been able to remodel the house, adapting it to the new needs, due to the increased number of children as well as improvements in the inner room distribution.


house SAN LUIS


During years 2003-2004, Manos y Naturaleza worked  with only a few children, in a 3x6 mt room, located inside a site inhabited by a family.

Thanks to TVN's "La Misión" program, at the end of 2004, it was possible to acquire an approx. 150 m2 new house.  This house stands in a communal site, belonging to the Municipality, in which other social centers are located. The site is loaned to Manos y Naturaleza.  This  new, bigger  house contributed to consolidate the concept that Manos y Naturaleza Houses should be part of the social structure of the community.


Currently, more than 60 children attend house San Luis. Little by little, the Manos y Naturaleza model has been developed here,  though some necessary changes  needed to be made, due to the fact that this is an extreme poverty area.

FAMILY house

In 2013, with  the help of JPMorgan funds, Family  House was created. Here several micro-enterprises, formed by family members of our children were developed. Another purpose was to provide Manos y Naturaleza with an appropriate room for the Theater workshop, as well as for parents'  meetings and other internal activities. Here we also developed Corporate Gifts, through which we were able to provide some mothers of our children with a job and at the same time, we found a new way of raising funds. In the multi-purpose room, due to its space and structure, the children truly feel as if they were in a theater. This helps the development of this workshop, which allows children to express their emotions and develop their potential.




The land was delivered in usufruct to Hands and Nature by Mr. Luis Calvo. Thanks to a donation from Minera Leonor, Mundo Vivo was built, a training and meeting center with and in Nature, located in Quebrada de Macul.


The children of Manos y Naturaleza work regularly in Mundo Vivo, to be in contact with nature, learn organic farming, environmental awareness and sports.


During the month of January the summer camp is developed here with all the children.


This allows them to enjoy a healthy vacation in a natural environment, where they learn to know and respect nature, which helps them to develop healthily and to create a deeper relationship with their uncles tutors.


At the same time we have opened ourselves to the community. In partnership with Fundación Ilumina, the Naturalizar project is developed here, which provides training to vulnerable kindergarten teachers.


In our center we receive the directors and nursery schools so that they can train and in that way they can replicate what they have learned to the children in their kindergartens.